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Wednesday, July 11, 2007


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Linux Web Shop can provide anything from a basic web presence to advanced database management and online sales. We can do anything you have ever seen a web site do! Our name is Linux, but we are also perfectly comfortable in the Windows Server environment. Our services include:

  • Register and maintain your domain name (if necessary).
  • Create your web presence.
  • Maintain your email addresses.
  • Host your web site on lighting fast, reliable U.S. servers.

We can set up a user-friendly interface so you can maintain and update your own content any time you wish. Secure online ordering is available for products as well as services. We have skeleton web programs that we can custom design specifically for your purpose. Our services are among the most affordable availble. We use students and in-home programmers all supervised by our Administrator to save you costs. Contact us today for a no obligation quote!

Cruiosity about pricing is understandable. While costs vary depending on the project, a basic web presence with email is as low as $100.00 with free hosting and domain name registration for a year! A custom project, such as secure online product sales might run $250.00, again with free hosting and domain name registration for a year.

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