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phpProfiles is a script package written in php with a MySQL back-end. The script is a complete web site that allows visitors to register and create a profile or web page on your site with their own web address or URL.  The script was inspired by the old perl Home Page scripts, but goes way beyond with the technology available with today's php and MySQL functions! It may even look a little like the very popular MySpace� although that was not our intention!

Features of the script package include:

New! Google Adsense integration in addition to traditional graphic ads!

  • Easy installation.
  • Automated operation. Set it up & let it go! (although you may want to check your user's content from time to time!)
  • Extremely light weight user pages. The index for each user's page is just over 200 bytes. The guts are centrally located in an includes directory.
  • Users may specify their own content for their pages. MySQL stores each user's content and plugs it in based on their web address.
  • User may upload a graphic image that is uniformly sized to fit their page.
  • User may configure their page's color scheme and font style.
  • Easy administration! Administrator can delete or edit users and their content, including pictures.
  • Built in Ad Manager that allows you to upload ad graphics and specify your affiliate URL or advertiser's link. Ads rotate automatically!
  • Blogs and Communities to hold user's interest. You may set up as many communities as you like to target your audience!
  • User may create bookmarks to entice them to use their Profile Page as their home page and keep coming back!

The script was written for UNIX variant servers (Linux, FreeBSD, etc.) and has not been tested on Windows servers.  The program should work fine on any reasonably current and well configured UNIX variant server. PHP 4.x and MySQL 4.x are recommended.

The script is available in 2 versions. The Lite version is free and the Professional version is $19.95 for a single site license. You might install the Lite version to try it out. If you like it, the Professional version has an easy upgrade feature so you don't have to re-install! Compare features in both versions.

Download phpProfiles Lite

Purchase phpProfiles Professional

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